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Main of what you need to know

Capital IT is fast-growing company founded in 2009 and based on developing its own commercial and entertaining projects
We implement projects of different complexities. We've done 3 projects.
Our company consists of 12 employees who are all professionals in their field
We are always looking for new employees. Now we have 3 vacancies available

Our projects



We work with thousands of applications. We accept advertising network as popular applications and new. CTR our ads is much higher, since users view them when it suits them, and not when they are using the application. As you know, only 5 - 15% of users who installed your application active. With traditional advertising networks revenue you get on them. With MobiDisplay your income is 100% of the installed applications. You do not need to wait for payment for months, we pay developers money twice a month, the 1st and the 16th, without hold and delay. Unlike competitors, we display the statistics in real time. No delay, no recalculations - all accurately, clearly, right now.


AppRating.Ru is a system which pays you for completing advertisements tasks. Do you want to earn money? You can earn it for you phone or WebMoney completing simple tasks on your smartphone or tablet. Or maybe you want to promote your app? Do it safely and cheap in TOP of Google Play and AppStore!

And more...

And more...
In fact, we have a lot of projects. But we do not advertise them. Come and we will tell you everything!


We need you!

Senior PHP Developer
We are in search of PHP-developer, who will work with new and existing projects.
1. Creating new own commercial and entertainment projects of different complexities
2. Refactoring and layouting already existing projects
1. Minimum two years' work experience
2. Strong knowledge of at least one modern framework (eg. Yii 1.1 - 2.0)
3. Great OOP and programming patterns knowledge
4. Mysql, PHP5, API
6. Ability to understand foreign code and to write readable own code
7. GIT, Unix (eg. Ubuntu)
Frontend-developer / Interface developer
Do not be afraid to try if you don't know some of the above technologies!
1. Creating web-interfaces
2. Relayouting already exists layouts
1. Great knowledge of CSS3 and HTML5
2. Adaptive and cross-browser layouting
3. Basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
4. Basic experience in native JS and jQuery
5. Ability to layout a simple landing-page or interface independently
6. A big plus if you know CSS-preprocessors (SCSS, LESS) and/or Angular
Every system needs a promotion! Can you do it?
1. Promoting our projects in social networks and internet
2. Preparing of tematical posts / writing texts for sites and SN
3. Decorating groups in SN
4. Monitoring of target groups
5. Creating (ordering and placing) promo-materials
1. You have a great experience in work with social networks and you can show it to us
2. You can work independently and we don't have to explain you every task step-by-step
3. You know what software you need to do your work best
4. You are creative and able to work multitasking
5. You are literate and know Russian (and English) great

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